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We started our first expeditions to the rough areas of Papua with tourists over 30 years ago and are still one of the few reliable tour operators for this part of the world.

With our The Baliem Valley Resort in the highlands of Papua, we have one of the best accommodations in all of New Guinea that allows every guest to explore this adventurous region.

For this purpose, we have recently started offering individual expeditions with Papua for two or more people all year round, far away from normal tourism. Besides our guided special tours to destinations such as the Kuruwai or the Asmat, we are also one of the specialists worldwide for the Carstensz Pyramid.

After more than 300 successful expeditions and several thousand guests in our resort, we would be pleased to welcome you as a customer soon. Whether single traveller or organizer, we are looking forward to your inquiry.





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Dr. Werner Weiglein

Already in 1979, Dr. Weiglein was adopted by Egidius Soter, clan head of the Beriten Asmat Clan, during a cult ceremony. Since then he is also called "Emenji" which translates to "the one who comes with many heads". 

His big passion is to travel. As a 16 year old teenager he already visited Afghanistan and India. In 1982, he took part in a Camel Trophy in Papua New Guinea. After that he was an active member of the Camel Trophy society and often joined the German Camel Trophy team.

Since 1979, his main interest is in the cultures of Oceania, especially in Papua, the Indonesian part of the New Guinea island. Until today, he successfully organised and guided more than 250 expeditions in New Guinea and the Salomon Islands. Many publications for specialized press and books underline his experience and reputation. Furthermore, Dr. Weiglein is co-author of publications by world-famous explorers Heinrich Harrer and Dieter Kronzucker. Furthermore, the physician organised and guided more than 20 TV productions to China, Mongolia, Namibia and especially Papua/Indonesia.

Dr. Weiglein serves as president to the German-Indonesian Society of Hessia in Frankfurt. By decree of the Indonesian President, Dr. Weiglein has a life-long right of abode in Indonesia.

Today his major interest lies in a qualified developement of ecotourism projects in Papua and Mongolia. As a co-founder of the company PT. Indonesian German Bersatu in Jayapura, Papua, with the conception and organization of The Baliem Valley Resort as well as the company Khans of Steppe Ltd. in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia he had and has a major influence on the future touristic development in these new target areas.

Dr. Weiglein is married to Claudia Weiglein. The couple has two children and lives in Gelnhausen, Germany.


Marc Weiglein

Marc Weiglein

Since early childhood closely connected with Indonesia and Papua. Several times a year he leads tours to remote areas of Papua. Marc is also responsible for sales and administration of the Baliem Valley Resort and your main contact for questions about the Baliem Valley and other destinations in Papua. Photos of his tours can be found on Instagram





Since 2004 we are an exhibitor at ITB Berlin. Here you can see our recent exhibitions. 








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